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What is word of mouth #wordofmouth

What is word of mouth #wordofmouth

Word of mouth was developed as a collaborative take on what is normally a client testimonial.

Having a client write a paragraph or say a few words about work done wasn’t really the route we wanted to take.

We work with real people and weigh in on real challenges and wanted to showcase that.

Over the past two years we’ve been fortunate enough to meet and get to know some great people from different walks of life.

It became apparent quite quickly that we are not only building websites for clients but stepping into their personal journey.

lightlyfunky™ Web Design - Cape Town - Word of mouth

Whether it’s an individual looking to be more professional online or a blogger building a following or a company or business that has digital targets and milestones to meet, being able to step in and assist has been truly rewarding and given us so many great experiences.

With the word of mouth #wordofmouth videos we hope to achieve a sense of collaboration with our clients we’ve kept the format open so that clients could talk about how they felt and not only what was done.

Having the idea for the videos is one thing but getting them done would be where the real surprise came in.

All the clients we approached to do these videos not only agreed but were excited to get involved and showed us some great support!

Clients speak about what they do and their experience working with lightlyfunky™, we’ve been completely taken back by the amount of support and goodwill shown by our clients while doing this.

The first video released featured Imaan Mac Quena, a Cape Town based model, actress, blogger and influencer. She is the founder of Platform09 which is a blog and creative online space.

Check out her video below:

There’s lots more to come so watch this space!