& Conditions.

The important things to know.


  • Our ready to go websites are all built in house using a premium WordPress theme which we have licensed in respect of using it for client work.
  • Once a website is ordered we only proceed once the deposit fee of 50% payment is made and all branding / content is received.
  • Clients / Customers will need to share all content in a digital format i.e images, text, branding etc.We will not accept hard copies or formats that cannot be used digitally for content loading.
  • Once a website is order that is what will be used for the clients new website. It will work, react, load and conform to the layout chosen.
  • Clients have one round of content feedback if needed before going live and any other changes will be costed accordingly.
  • Websites will only be taken live once the balance of any fees are paid in full.
  • Once a website is live the client takes ownership of the website in its entirety. Any updates to WordPress, the theme, plugins or content will now be the responsibility of the client unless an arrangement has been made for ongoing updates and work.

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